We provide training on our proactive strategy with practical solutions to help your pregnancy center or organization empower families to thrive. This approach is proven and effective.

We offer trainings on comprehensive case management with our team from Loveline.

We have protocols, processes, and a software tool that is customized to help you meet the complex needs of families quickly, efficiently, and most of all, effectively.

What You Will Learn:

Ethics + Culture: Fostering Unity
Comprehensive Case Management: When Is It Appropriate?
Our 5 Step Process
Targeted Needs Assessment: Drilling Down to the Source
Tools: Software, Websites + Assessments
In House Services vs Referrals: Financial Coaching + Trauma Care (Therapy + Support Group)
Practical Steps to Make It Happen

You will receive:

Our comprehensive case management manual that you can use as a template for every attendee. We also follow up with a digital copy that you can use as a template for your program and edit to meet your needs.

Customized software for Case Management.

Access to our training videos and resources as you build your program to answer any questions, pray for you, and cheer you on!


The $1,000 investment includes one year of access to the Genesis Network Advocate Management module with Advanced Care Management and Comprehensive Case Management Training provided by ProLove Ministries.